Youth Volunteer Programme

The Perceptions Challenged Youth Volunteer Programme is aimed at identifying and securing voluntary work opportunities and placements for young people, aged between 14 to 21, not just in and around their local communities and neighbourhoods but also, where possible, nationally and internationally.

Perceptions Challenged aims to find placements with established projects and organisations that have in place the systems & procedures in place to guarantee that young people’s safety and security are ensured and their expectations of their volunteering are correctly managed to a tangible level of achievement.

As a young person considering becoming a volunteer, the benefits of a young person registering to become a Perceptions Challenged Youth Volunteer, is that

• You get to meet new people, from all cultural diversities, ages and social backgrounds
• You are engaging yourself in a positive & productive use of your spare time
• You get to develop new skills and interests
• You gain a sense of kudos and Esprit de Corps aimed

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