Programmes & Workshops

We work on key agendas and strategies relating to citizenship, Key Skills, health initiatives, teenage pregnancy, community development, social inclusion and tackling racism.

Our Programmes address

  • Personal Development
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Achievement & Accomplishment

  • Personal Productive Behaviour
  • Life skills
  • Communication

Our Chosen Methods of delivery are

  • Life coaching / Mentoring
  • Training & Consultancy
  • After school activities (extended schools services)
  • Motivational Workshops (interactive)

  • Multi-Media Presentations
  • Comedy, Poetry, Drama & Games
  • Kickboxing
  • Paintball

Our workshops are flexible and tailor-made around the individual needs of those participating and usually, will take place on your premises, with group sizes of up to 30 young people.


  • Typically, a Perceptions Challenged workshop can range from a one-hour session, to a program of several weeks and through the delivery of our workshops, we aim to address the following issues:-

    For Young People
    • Self – Employment as an option
    • Pathways to Education and Training
    • Young People & Self Esteem
    • Law & Order: Vital components of Citizenship?
    For Communities
    • Domestic Violence: What is it? and How can we bring it to an end?
    • Sexual Responsibility (STI Prevention, HIV/AIDS Awareness and family planning)
    • Drug Abuse & its Ramifications
    For Small Businesses
    • Business Conceptualising: Arriving at an idea/ concept for a feasible business.
    • Business Planning: Putting the dynamics together to display to your potential stakeholder the viability of your idea over a sustained period of time. e.g three to five years.
    • Business Start up: Looking at the various forms/ legal entities that your business can take and the infrastructure, systems and processes required to bring your business to life.
    • Company Formation: Setting up your limited company
    • Cashflow Forecasting: Planning where the money is going to come from and how its going to be spent and when you might be likely to see a profit.
    • Performance Analysis: Reviewing how your business has actually performed inrelation to its forecasted performance and being able to identify reasons for poor or excellent performance variances.

  • Perceptions Challenged Workshops can be used in the following ways:-

    Supplement course work for Your School or College with:-
    • Drama / Group Activities
    • In Class Discussion Forums
    • Career Days
    • Role play
    Supplement course work for your Youth Organisation / University by:-
    • Planning and advising on creative arts programmes (with related budgets)
    • Meeting the aims and objectives of a project
    • Facilitating and organising delivery of a given programme / event
    • Advising on how creative projects can be used to teach skills or embody issues
    For your Church or Community Group, to provide to you and your members:-
    • Information and advice on Crime Reduction
    • Advice on Community Development
    • Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour
    • Business Start Up Advice