Community Support & Development

What do we do for Communities?

We define a community as a collective body of individuals, formed together, through a sense of belonging, due to commonalities such as

  • Geography
  • Social Grouping
  • Racial Heritage
  • Political ideologies
  • Religious Belief

We further believe that the structure of a successful society should be based upon the principles of Pot Pourri, where successful communities are constituted of people that like Pot Pourri, are of all

  • shape
  • sizes
  • colours
  • heritage & backgrounds

In this way, communities are then founded upon diverse, thriving & vibrant families and the neighbourhoods that they live in.

The motto of Perceptions Challenged is “Developing tomorrow’s potential, today”. In light of this, we have adopted and endorse the philosophy that has been derived from an ancient African Proverb,  stating that “It takes a village, to raise a child”. Likewise, if we are to develop our young people of today, into positively productive adults of tomorrow then our communities should reclaim the “village” mentality and raise our children, our young people as the villagers would have, collectively.

To achieve this we strive to work with and provide community support and development that consist of

  • Families
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Churches
  • Small businesses