398 Fit Camp

Set in rural, historical South Wales, our 398 Fit Camp aims to put participants through their paces by using the woods and clearings of the great Welsh outdoors as our gym. In delivering this programme in this way, we have found that it has resulted in our participants

  • burning more calories
  • appreciating the beauty of the natural environment
  • wanting to come back

398 Fit Camp can be tailored to meet your particular requirements and to accommodate your level of fitness but in general, the exercise provided is designed to

  • motivate you
  • invigorate you
  • inspire you
  • challenge you

We aim to hold up to 10 exclusive 398 Fit Camps per year. Besides these planned events, we can also stage bespoke private events, hen weekends and corporate weekends for you upon request.

A Typical 398 Fit Camp Schedule

 6.00pm -7.30pm  Guests arrive & welcome
 8.00pm  Dinner
 Day 2
 7.30am – 9.00am  Breakfast
 9.00am -10.30am  Cardio & strength circuit
10.30am -1.00pm  Venue Tour
10.30am -1.00pm  Relax with the papers or explore
1.00pm  Lunch
2.30pm -4.00pm  Country walk or sauna
5.00pm -6.00pm  Core strength & stretch
8.00pm  Dinner
Day 3
7.30am – 9.00am  Breakfast
9.01am -10.30am  Cardio & strength circuit
10.31am – 11.30am  Relaxation/ Free Time
11.31am -12.30pm  Core strength & stretch
1.00 pm  Lunch
3.00 – 4.00pm  Country walk, sauna or cycle
4.00pm – 5.00pm  Tea and guests leave

Our guests also enjoy:

  • cycling in the woods with our route guides
  • a glass of wine in the local pub,
  • relaxing in the garden with the newspapers or a game.,

What to bring

  • Trainers for the morning session (these may get wet)
  • Shoes or trainers for the afternoon mat session
  • 2 sets of fitness clothes as you may get sweaty, wet & muddy
  • Clothes & wellies or waterproof walking boots for the countryside walks
  • Long exercise trousers as there are insects in the woods
  • Dinner is informal dress, indoor shoes or slippers.
  • Hair dryers and dressing gowns are provided (not slippers)


  • Weekend Participant: £299
  • Week Day Participant: £349
  • 398 Fit Camp  T-Shirt: £20
  • 398 Fit Camp Fleece: £40
Please contact us for dates and bespoke events.