Cohors Praetoria

“Cohors Praetoria” is the name of a enrichment programme to the benefit of the students in secondary school, college and university.

Why the Name?

“Cohors Praetoria” was originally the latin name given to the elite Roman military unit, The Praetorian Guard whose sole reason for existing was to protect the tent or the person of prominent Romans such as commanding generals (The Praetor) or Roman Emperors e.g. Emperor Augustus.

As with any elite or special force in the world today, those who either volunteered or were selected to join The Praetorian Guard, came from a wide variety of backgrounds, with an eclectic mix of skills and abilities. The same too is now true of “Cohors Praetoria” Programme. It is opened to students aged 14 to 24 years old.

The successful implementation of this programme will see the weekly provision of the following five elements, over a year. This can either be an academic year with delivery during term time only, or over a calendar year, with delivery to be determined mutually.

Uniformed Services Programme will include

  • A uniquely designated Pathfinder detachment consisting of a Pathfinder Platoon & Drum Corps.
  • A 398 Airbourne Battle Group cadet detachment  within 2nd Battalion, 398ABG
  • A Police Cadet detachment

Main Beneficial Features of this programme

  • GCSE Martial Arts Programme. The GCSE Martial Arts Programme will be provided administered by Perceptions Challenged and delivered by a qualified black belt practitioner of Chi Combat system and with several years of experience and tuition
  • The provision of residential programmes & volunteering opportunities that meet the criteria for all levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards
  • Work Experience opportunities within British Industry and Military

Anticipated Outcomes of “Cohors Praetoria”

Through the delivery of “Cohors Praetoria”, those Young people that participate can achieve;

  • Positive Character development
  • A greater understanding and appreciation of the value of citizenship, specifically UK Citizenship
  • A reduction in the incidence of participant obesity
  • An Improvement in their attendance and overall inclusion

Overall Benefits to the Community / Organisation

  • For young people that volunteer / choose to participate in “Cohors Praetoria” to be able to recognize that there is a higher, more worthy, nobler cause than self. This cause is to be able to give of themselves, their knowledge, their abilities and their time in service of others.
  • “Esprit de Corps”. To be able to gain distinction between themselves as members of this programme from the community/ organisation and young people from other organisations.
Please contact us for details of the next enrichment programme.