Family Support

Our family support services mainly takes the form of Contact Supervision that we provide to facilitate contact between a child / children and their parent(s). Contact Supervision is where it has been determined either by a court, social services or the parents of a child that a child would benefit from independent observations of supervised contact with their parents or other significant people in their lives.

Our overriding principle is facilitating the contact between children and their families. We take our instructions exclusively, from

  • Social Services
  • The Courts
  • Solicitors acting in the interest of the child
  • Solicitors instructed by Parents

Working within the parameters defined by the courts or the agreement defined by estranged parents, we can use either special contact centres throughout England Wales or where mutually agreed, public places such as restaurants, leisure centres, shopping centres and theme parks as venues for contacts.

The benefits to using as your contact supervisor of choice, are

  • We provide a quality service with detailed reports as supporting evidence.
  • We actively promote the physical safety and emotional well-being of every child during contact sessions.
  • Our experience to date has seen us develop a practice that ranges from complex criminal cases, family law cases, looked after children, fostering and adoption and children with learning disabilities.
  • We take the stress out of the need for estranged parents to communicate with each other by acting as intermediary to arrange contacts/ visitation
  • We provide a reliable and professional service
Please contact us for more infromation about contracting our services.