Business Networking

In order to help you to grow your business, we regularly hold Business Networking Events such as

  • Business Breakfasts
  • Working Lunches
  • Social Events
  • No Frills Networking Sessions

Typically, the type of person that attends our networking events are not just people that are serious about being in business but more importantly, people that are serious about being successful in business.

For this reason, you will find in attendance, a good variety of people from all parts of society and whether you are an established business or are in the process of setting up, or have just set up, a new business, you can still attend our sessions.

How does our business networking sessions work?

  • We arrange five-minute scheduled meetings with new business contacts.
  • In this time, you and the other person that you are talking to take turns lasting for a couple of minutes, to introduce your businesses to each other.
  • If in that time you hear what interests you, you can make notes about that new contact before moving onto your next meeting.
  • Meetings are structured and scheduled so you have time to see as many people as possible
  • You are welcome to stay after these meetings for informal networking or to discuss things further with those you’ve an interest in developing a business relationship with.

At our business networking sessions because of the ecletic mix of products and services, there is as much opportunities to gain customers or clients as well as to find suppliers and sub-contractors. Not only do we encourage attendance from the public and private sectors, we also strongly recognise the status and importance of the voluntary sector and community based organisations.

If you are interested in attending one of our business networking sessions, please click here.

Although we generally welcome all comers at our events, we do not encourage attendance by those people that are involved in promoting or recruiting for, multi level marketing or pyramid schemes.