Youth Support & Development

In terms of our youth support and development, through outreach, we establish contact with, listen to, actively engage, advise, support and act as an advocate for young people. In consultation with young people, we arrange residential and outdoor education activities and encourage participation in these by the young people. We attempt to break down barriers to social cohesion in communities, such as gang membership, by promoting and developing inter-community activities.

We have experience of working with people from diverse backgrounds in the form of race/ culture and/or religious beliefs, all issues which we have found can impact on participation in activities.

We specifically work with young people aged from 13 – 19, by assessing their needs and providing an agreed programme of activities designed to meet those needs. We liaise with the parents or guardians of young people to facilitate and actively encourage participation in the activities, workshops and events that we offer. In line with agreed priorities arrived at through a process of observation and also through consultation with you, we design and implement specific curriculum related projects. We ensure the active participation of young people in the programme and ensure that objectives are achieved through implementation, monitoring and self evaluation of agreed work programmes.

In order to ensure that we provide a holistic approach to providing solutions to the young people that we engage, we actively develop working relationships and partnerships with other organisations such as

  • The Metropolitan Police
  • The British Army

To facilitate integration and increased understanding across different cultures and communities and deliver effective services in your community.