Expedition Training

In order for participants to be able to successfully undertake expeditions, it is necessary for them first to be trained in the chosen skills and proficiency in the method of travel for their expedition.

Perceptions Challenged has provided ExpeditionTraining to young people from organisations such as Schools, Colleges, Community groups, uniformed youth organisations and Churches from across London extending throughout England & Wales.

The skills that are prerequisite to a participant successfully undertaking their expedition are

  1. Knowledge of First Aid & Emergency Procedures
  2. The ability to plan & safely navigate an expedition route
  3. Knowledge & practice of good Campcraft
  4. Health & Safety, Risk Assessment & Management, Hygiene
  5. Practical Nutrition & Welfare through good cooking
  6. Knowledge of the Countryside Code
  7. Observation & Recording
  8. Team Building, Group Dynamics & Effective Performance
  9. Proficiency in the chosen mode of Travel
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