Youth Enrichment actively promotes & welcomes the participation of young people in its youth enrichment activities.

What do we mean by Youth Enrichment and Who is the programme aimed at?

offered  to young people in the UK, aged between 14 to 21.

Why should you do this programme?

If you are a young person that wants to do something positive and enriching with their life, that will see them challenge themselves and their perceptions then that is why you should sign up for our Youth enrichment programme.

How is the programme delivered?

We go into Secondary schools, colleges, community groups and churches and deliver our programme in the first instance to young people.

Where is our Youth Enrichment programme delivered?

If you are interested in taking part in this programme and having your perceptions challenged you can start as soon as you contact us.

Just provide us with a few details about yourself by emailing us with your contact details

How much does participating in this programme cost?

The cost for a young person to participate in can vary greatly depending on quite a few factors, namely;

  • How far they want to travel from home to do their expedition
  • How many members there are in total in their group